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Impact One


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The Impact One has a special design and shape that allows a comfortable and easy use of a hip harness without restricting the freedom of movement. The elastic construction and figure hugging cut prevent from annoying riding up. The Shock Pads in the upper part provide the vest with great shock absorption characteristics and act as a slight buoyancy aid (not a life jacket).

Additionally, the Impact One vest provides you with an extra of warmth when used in winter.

Range of temperatures: Approx. 0°C - 35°C


    • Double Lined (DL) Neoprene (wrist, inner hand) is more elastic, robust and can be used in many colours compared to the black skin neoprene

    • L-Class Neoprene on Limestone basis, has a higher density and ensures an improved form stability and support (especially in the area of sole and instep)

    • Limestone Neoprene is produced from calcium carbonate and is classified as more ecologically sustainable than common oil-based neoprene fabrication

    • Tuff Stuff jersey lamination in areas where robustness and durability have top priority (instep, sole)   

    • Flat Stitch seams are sewed overlapping and are used with thin neoprene products whereas the waterproofness is not that essential 

Security advice:
Please notify that this vest is NOT a life jacket. It does not turn unconscious user’s face up. Users must be able to swim.


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