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NSW 2016 - Sail - Hero Hybrid (CODE) IX

€775.00 - €563.50

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Hybrid / 4-Batten-Wave

With the HERO designer Kai Hopf achieved a big bang; all international tests continue to praise the World Cup 4-batten wave sail into the sky. The all-new HYBRID edition with SWITCH.BATTEN now is even more versatile as it’s individually tuneable: 5.0 and smaller with 4 or 3 battens, 5.3 and greater with 4 or even 5 battens. This gives everyone all options to precisely fine-tune the sail according to your individual preferences and requirements. By the way, the favorite sail of superhero Victor Fernandez fits perfectly with the current multi-fin boards and independently of the sailor's weight it always guarantees maximum performance.


The consistent ongoing development and integration of the SWITCH.BATTEN makes the new HERO HYBRID an even better and more versatile hardcore wave sail. Through the individual batten configuration you can fine-tune ist character towards toward softer profile/planing or high end performance/control. Therefore 5.0 and down come with 4 battens with the option to be used as a 3-batten sail, 5.3 and up you can use 4 or 5 battens. In general less battens make the sail lighter and more flexible. The profile filles out faster and increases the planing power. The additional batten "stiffens up" the sail body, providing maximum control in the upper wind range.

Despite a further draft back position it doesn’t become back handy, even when overpowered. Due to fine-tuning of all sizes the extremely wide wind range compared to conventional 4 batten sail is immediately noticeable.

The low weight makes for incredible handling, while rigging you can already imagine how light and soft the sail feels. The rotation is as smooth as silk, even with minimal outhaul tension.

On the water it immediately appears that your backhand is the throttle, just sheet in then the HERO HYBRID immediately builds up power, speeds up and gets you going. On the wave it becomes a discreet engine always ready to accelerate when needed. The top of the sail works very effectively to support the power, therefore you can safely choose a sail size smaller than with many other wave sails. This applies to almost any rider, regardless of their weight.

Kai Hopf developed the BALANCED.LUFF.LENGTH, a precisely balanced ratio of luff length to boom length. As short as possible for most radical throw-ability and as long as necessary to generate sufficient stability for maximum wind range.

Design, processing, shape and features such as the iBUMPER mast protector make the radical HERO HYBRID a perfect package to which the competition must be measured again. The HERO is exclusively designed for RDM masts due to its narrow sleeve and elastic characteristics. The smaller mast diameter perfectly matches this softer feeling sail and shorter luff.

Size Boom max (cm) Luff max (cm) Vario
Weight  (kg)                  Mast Type: Best//Alternative Mast Geometry: Best/Alternative Mast Length (cm): Best/Alternative
3.0 140 351 4>4-batten: 2.65
3-batten: 2.55Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--370
3.4 145 362 4>4-batten: 2.75
3-batten: 2.65Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--370/400
3.7 149 364 4>4-batten: 2.85
3-batten: 2.75Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--370/400
4.0 153 375 4>4-batten: 2.95
3-batten: 2.80Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--370/400
4.2 157 384 4>4-batten: 3.05
3-batten: 2.90Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--370/400
4.5 161 400 4>4-batten: 3.15
3-batten: 3.00Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--400/370
4.7 165 406 -- 4>4-batten: 3.25
3-batten: 3.10Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--400/370
5.0 171 414 -- 4>4-batten: 3.35
3-batten: 3.20Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--400
5.3 177 420 -- 4>4-batten: 3.45
5-batten: 3.65Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--400
5.6 181 430 -- 4>4-batten: 3.55
5-batten: 3.75Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--400/430
5.8 183 440 -- 4>4-batten: 3.65
5-batten: 3.85Platinum/Gold//SilverRDM/--430

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